Bonus Guest Post from Chuck Rockroad

I recently was introduced to Chuck Rockroad of Catch Your Creativity. I liked what he had to say about creativity, so I have posted in its entirety one of his blog posts from his blog:

Here it is!

Recently I’ve been getting many basic questions about creativity. “Why is creativity so important?” “When is messiness a positive?” “What’s wrong – or right – with being a perfectionist?” Therefore over the next few blog posts, I will be taking a step back to discuss the basics of classic creative theory. Some of you will recognize material from my upcoming book, “Messy on Purpose: The Science Behind Creativity.” Discussing such basic questions now will give foundation and context to our later blog posts as we move forward.


So then to start, why IS creativity important?

Self-Expression: To better express (and discover) what we want. To gain pride in that which we have created.

Exploration: The mystery and fun of the unknown. To creatively go where no one has gone before.

Momentum: There is the concept of anicca which says we are always in a state of either growth or decay. To hold still then is to stagnate…and decay. Consistent creativity keeps us moving forwards and upwards.

Sharing: To create and contribute valued content to our friends and family, communities and businesses.

Better problem solving: The ability to create solutions to puzzles is like a muscle – it gets better with practice.

Overall health: When creative, we have less stress and anxiety, are happier and healthier, and live longer.

Greater confidence: Trial and error is part of pretty much any creative process. We learn to see mistakes as learning stepping stones. We also learn to be comfortable with the unknown – including not controlling everything, or having our project meticulously planned in advance.

Fun! Whether we write, finger paint, or even start our own business, creation should be not drudgery, but play.


Creativity is writing books and scripts, filming movies and TV, and adapting them all for each other. Creativity is telling and singing stories around the campfire. Creativity was etching the first stories on cave walls. Ultimately our creativity has been fundamental to our racial heritage.

In fact, what would the world be without creativity?  There would be no inventions – no internet or laptops, no cellphones or planes, no trains or cars, no penicillin or matches, no clothes or farms, and no knives or campfires.

Again, consistent creativity keeps us moving forward. Without your creativity, there can be no progress.

Of course, new creative solutions are urgently needed for endless, evolving problems in politics, economics, climate change, urban development, overcrowded jails, and underfunded schools, to name but a few. Further, creativity is needed to add new businesses – what is an entrepreneur if not a creative problem solver?

Also consider that once we create something, we must also create a way to deal with it. Some inventions, such as nanotech in our clothes, drones in our skies, and 3D printing in our homes, are especially tricky both legally and ethically. As technology accelerates exponentially, and so too must we accelerate our creativity to keep up.

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