How does your garden grow?

I spent the last weekend at the Thrive Academy’s Client Attraction Summit. It was So. Much. Fun. (When is the last time you had actual fun while building your business?)

What made it so much fun? Let me count the ways…

  1. The leaders, Jesse and Sharla, have a great sense of humor. They include self-deprecation and humility. They get people to laugh in recognition of our shared humanity and fallibility.
  2. The community is so warm and inviting! I feel like these are my people. They care about each other. Everyone wants to build each other up, not tear each other down. The community invites heart-centered businesses and warmhearted people.
  3. The coaching was electrifying. (Not literally. We all stayed safe.) The breakthroughs people had were inspiring, and helped all of us stretch our comfort zones a bit more.
  4. There was a lot of genuinely good advice for building your business given at a free three-day event. The sales pitch was presented with grace and a willingness for us to say no. They truly mean it when they say that connection and alignment matter more than sales and money.
  5. The energy was clean. I’m usually afraid to talk about energy since it sounds a little California woo-woo. But the energy here was palpable. It was all in service of getting us to grow and thrive. People showed up more fully. Concerns were addressed openly and honestly. Integrity was the name of the game.
  6. There was dancing! I love dancing. But people could sit out if they really didn’t love dancing. We learned the benefits of moving our bodies (so we could stuff more info into our heads) but were not made to feel bad if it didn’t work for us.

This is how I want to lead events. I hope the events I have lead have had the love and integrity that this event did. They will lead it again in May and September (go to if you are interested in more info). I will keep you posted for when I lead something open to the public! I’m sure it will happen. Just don’t know when.

Wishing you inspiration, admiration, and motivation in this new year. You rock!

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