First Post! Numero Uno! Primo! Number One! Yay!

Hi World!

I’m a play professional. I bring play and creativity and fun to everything I do. Just because. And I wanted a place to post all the neat things I’m learning about play and creativity as I explore this realm, and figure out how to bring play into the work place.

I really, passionately, believe that the work place needs play. Play can help with creativity and innovation (and doesn’t every company need some innovation to grow?), team building and collaboration, increased morale and decreased turn-over. (Mmmm, turnovers….)

I also think it’s worth exploring the world of play just to see how grown-ups can join in the excitement and fun and flow that children experience. Just to make our own lives more enjoyable, more energized, more connected (sorry, I couldn’t find an “e” word that means “connected”).

So, welcome, and have a fun and playful day!


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